Project Description

HEF Commercial Circulator Pump

Electronically controlled and high efficiency circulator pumps for commercial buildings.

Suitable for:

  • Commercial air conditioning
  • Commercial heating
  • Commercial hot water recirculation
  • District cooling
  • Commercial Cooling
  • Industrial heating

Supply voltage:
Flow rate, Qmax:
Pump head, Hmax:
Liquid temperature:
System pressure, Pmax:
Input Power:
Ambient temperature:
Enclosure class:
Insulation class:
Flange size:
1 x 230 V – 50/60 Hz
29 m3/h
12 m
+2°C to +110°C (TF 110)
1.0 MPa/10 bar
600 W
0°C to +40°C
≤ 0.23
IP 44
DN40, DN50, DN65

» Ready for Conversion according to Ecodesign Requirements for 2015(ErP) with EEI ≤ 0.23
» Providing energy savings and comfort level
» Automatic and continuous detection of optimal duty point by ECO
» High safety – built-in electrical and thermal protection of the pump
» Fault prompt function
» Low noise level
» Based on 500,000 times test in extreme conditions » Suitable for light commercial application

Key Features

Constant speed mode

Two constant speed modes – min. and max. -for constant flow applications

Constant pressure mode

• The pump maintains constant pressure regardless of the flow
• The preferred operation mode for under floor heating and 2 string systems with low flow variation

Proportional pressure mode

• If the proportional pressure mode is selected, the differential pressure varies proportionally with the flow, i.e. higher flow means higher differential pressure
• Proportional pressure is the preferred choice for one-string systems with high flow variation

ECO mode

• The factory setting, ECO, analyzes the heating system and automatically adjusts the pump setting to meet the heating requirement. The result is optimum comfort and a minimum of energy consumption.
• ECO can be used in 80% of the heating system.

Technical Data

Type Max. volume flow
Max. delivery head
Energy efficiency
index (EEI)
Flange Pipe Diameter Rated
HEF 40/12 17 m³/h 12 m ≤ 0.23 DN40 1 1/2″ 10 bar 299 mm 1~230 V,
50/60 Hz
3.5 kg
HEF 50/12 22 m³/h 12 m ≤ 0.23 DN50 2″ 10 bar 299 mm 1~230 V,
50/60 Hz
3.5 kg
HEF 65-12 29 m³/h 12 m ≤ 0.23 DN65 2 1/2″ 10 bar 299 mm 1~230 V,
50/60 Hz
3.7 kg