How to increase the water pressure in the apartment and house?

Are you suffering from the headache of low water pressure in your house or apartment?

Are you living on the 5th floor of a 5-storey building, and when some of your neighbors turns on the water, your cold water pressure drops immediately, then it is even not possible for you to take a shower?

If so, you need a booster pump.


Why do you need a booster pump?

According to the regulatory documents, the pressure in the water supply lines must correspond to the parameters of 3-6 atm. As practice shows, at a pressure of less than 2 atm., The operation of equipment (dishwasher, washing machine and water heaters) stops.

In practice, the problem of low water pressure is quite common in multi-storey buildings, where residents of the upper floors, due to the very low pressure in the plumbing system, often sit without water. A good way out of such an unpleasant situation is to install a pump to increase the pressure level.

How does a booster pump work?

The booster pump is used when it is necessary to increase the pressure in the existing water supply system connected to the central water supply. It creates sufficient head in front of the water draw-off points.

Booster pump has two modes:

  • Manual mode. They work around the clock in a continuous mode, maintaining the water pressure in the system. The disadvantage of this mode is the constant power consumption and accelerated wear of the equipment. Such devices do an excellent job when turned on in manual mode during peak loads on the water supply, for example, when watering a vegetable garden.
  • Automatic mode. The pump is automatic, equipped with a flow sensor. It is turned on when there is water movement through the pipe, which indicates the presence of a flow at a given time. This mode of operation is more economical than in the previous case. The cost of an automatic pump for increasing the pressure in the water supply system is slightly higher, but this is offset by a more economical operation mode.

The main parameters of booster pump:

  • Working mode – automatic / manual;
  • As a rule, all units are compact, which simplifies their connection to the main pipeline;
  • Noise level. Due to the principle of operation, the booster pumps function almost silently, which allows them to be installed in apartments;
  • The material of the pump body is an important parameter, on which both the level of noise emitted during operation and the maximum temperature of the water depend. Stainless steel and brass material can provide corrosion resistance and strength.


The booster pump doesn’t have self-priming function. So it can’t work without existing water flow. To realize the self-priming method, you need a booster pump station with a storage tank(accumulator tank).