What are the benefits of using high efficiency pumps?


Low Power Consumption

High efficiency provide an 85% to 90% reduction of electrical consumption. Depending on what you pay per kilowatt hour, that electrical savings may translate into $3 to $5 per month during the heating season.

What does that mean? It means that within two, maybe three years after installation, the added cost of the circulator (depending on which one you buy) will be offset by the estimated $28 to $35 you save each heating season.

Instead of using a circulator operating at 80 to 85 watts, you could conceivably satisfy a zone’s pumping requirement at 25 watts, or less.

Intelligent control

High efficiency pump gives you the full range of Intelligent control mode options which can save time and energy. Installers can select between multiple constant speed, constant pressure and proportional pressure modes as well as AUTO, self-adjusting proportional pressure mode.

Constant speed mode is used when there is a demand for constant flow and constant head. The pump is adjusted to the desired duty point making pump throttling valves, which are traditionally required in this situation, obsolete.

Constant pressure mode is suited for variable flow systems with very low pipe pressure losses, and in open systems where pipe pressure loss is subordinate to static head. Constant pressure mode provides constant pressure to the system. Constant pressure works well when there is very little resistance in the distribution piping. Systems where the distribution occurs in the boiler room right after the circ work well with constant pressure.

Proportional pressure mode is used in circulating systems. The pump continuously adapts its performance to the varying flow demand. In systems where there is significant resistance in the distribution piping like TRV’s or remote zone valve systems, proportional pressure is appropriate. It provides a little more pressure all the time and tapers proportionally in order to always provide enough force to overcome the resistance in the distribution piping.

The AUTO function continuously adjusts the proportional pressure curve and automatically sets a more efficient one, without compromising comfort demands. With this factory setting, in 80% of the installations no manual adjustments are needed.

By matching a circulator’s performance as closely as possible to that specific zone’s flow and head requirement, high efficiency pump can minimize the industry curse of over-pumping and all of the nasty things that does to a system, such as: reduced system ∆T, resulting in boiler short-cycling, reduction of system efficiency, and premature wearing of all moving parts in the combustion and circulation cycle.